Blackjack Winning Even Without Card Counting


Among all of the casino games, blackjack is one of the most play. Can you win the game without using the tried-and-true card-counting tactic? We’ll get to that in a moment.

It’s been state that the majority of players have employ card counting as a tactic to obtain the upper hand against the house. Some even suggest that it might be view as dishonest. Like with any game, your goal should be to enter the match with the appropriate strategy rather than the intention of cheating.

Can One Win Without Using a Card Count in Blackjack?

Yes, is the succinct response. Blackjack card game is a game that you can win without counting cards. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon all of your strategies. Indeed, looking at certain tactics that even industry experts vouch for. Using card counting techniques when playing at online casinos could be challenging. However, these substitute tactics might prove helpful no matter where you play online or in a physical casino.

Examine the Below Mention Strategies of Blackjack

Hole Carding-  Some dealers are refer to as “flashers” because they reveal the hole card prior to placing it down. The catch is that they don’t intentionally do this. The player will benefit from this one error if they have the observing skills. The error is so slight that neither the dealer nor novice players will notice it. Professionals also keep an eye out for the dealer peeking at their hole card. Observational abilities are crucial. This type of spotting and peeking is refer to as third basing or first basing. The position of a player at the table is one element of this tactic. They take a seat either on the dealer’s right  third base or left first base. 

Shuffle Tracking-to stop the practice of card counting. The blackjack casino are making every effort to prevent card counting of any type. However, that hasn’t stop skilled blackjack players from experimenting. This is not a tactic for the weak of heart or the novice. Shuffle tracking operates on the premise that shuffles are not random. In other words, the player may be able to keep track of specific cards. 

Edge Sorting –It’s a tactic made famous by none other than poker icon. Using this strategy, you search for minute imperfections in deck. However, the majority of decks in a casino won’t necessarily contain a few flaws. This is another situation where having excellent observational abilities is beneficial. Sorting cards by edge will be much simpler if they are turn 180 degrees. A novice might not have the same level of influence as a high roller, but the latter could request that the cards be rotate.

Become a Member of the Player’s Club in Blackjack

The majority of online and brick-and-mortar casinos provide some form of loyalty club or player’s benefit. While the titles of the clubs vary throughout casinos, they all function similarly. Rewards are given to players who participate in casino games.

Some establishments provide cash prizes, complimentary food and lodging, bonus deals, free play, free tournament admission. The house edge is lower with everything valuable you obtain from the player’s club.

Look for a Careless Dealer

There are many different sorts of dealers because blackjack is play all around the world and is dealt daily. There are those who are amiable. Some seem sour towards you. While some players appear to be having more fun, others play a tight, no-nonsense game. Some blackjack dealers deal in a cool, collected manner. Others seem to be really careless.

The dealer you want to watch out for is the careless one .A careless dealer can frequently be exploit by players with a keen eye. It frequently show off their cards while dealing them or show off their hole card.

Locate Card Decks with Flaws

The backs of all blackjack card use in casinos are meant to be the same. However, the way some brands are produce causes the edges of the cards to have somewhat distinct designs. You can begin organizing the cards in a way that will give you an advantage if you participate in a game where no two cards have the same back.

Placing all ten value cards and the aces point in one direction and all other cards facing the other way is the easiest approach to accomplish this. This strategy is commonly refer to as edge sorting. It’s a sophisticate playing technique. You must thus practice and conduct research if you wish to understand more.

 Search for Distorted Cards

Dealers bend the cards up to reveal if they have a blackjack. Cards may become distort as a result. As a deck begins to wear, these twisted cards can occasionally be seen in the subsequent cards. The casinos have take several steps to make this strategy challenging to apply.

However, in hand-shuffle and dealt games where they don’t frequently reshuffle the cards, you can still occasionally see them.

Look for some discounts

In an effort to draw in additional players, a lot of casinos provide vouchers. Some of them provide free slot play and food comps. However, blackjack coupons are occasionally available. A complimentary ace or matching bet is given away by some of them. The house edge for the session in which you apply a coupon can be decrease. Blackjack coupons should always be on the lookout.

Discover how to use Shuffle Tracking

When a lot of aces and ten-valued cards are group together in the discard tray, this is known as shuffle tracking. You track the slug of cards. However, with enough practice and skill, you may increase your bets sufficiently. To  provide yourself an advantage over the house during the deal’s aces and tens sections.

Discover the Simplest Count Ever

Aces and ten-value cards are frequently group together in the discard tray, a phenomenon known as shuffle tracking. The shuffle of cards leads you along as you track it. If you become proficient in this area, however, you will be able to increase your bets to a point where you have an advantage over the house when the deal is rich in aces and tens.

The majority of individuals who doubt their ability to count cards are either ignorant of the intricacies of the process or have determined it is too complex for them after learning about it. it has been discussed in a number of publications. Many systems have names that honor the individuals who invented them, as is the case with most systems. Typically known as the ace five count.


You have a good chance of beating the casino even if you are not excellent at counting cards if you follow the strategies. You can play as close to a break even game as feasible by employing certain strategies. Such as playing solely in games with the best rules. Jbet88 casino utilize player’s club privileges, and it employs excellent basic strategy.