League Of Legends – Sports Betting Guide

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One of the biggest Esports today is League of Legends. It is one of the biggest Esports with millions of enthusiasts watching, playing, and following this Riot Game. There are numerous League of Legends tournaments being held throughout the year with teams of professionals participating in the tournament. With its popularity, most of online casino platforms made it available to bet on LoL.

The League of Legends is first released in 2009, this is an online multiplayer battle arena and has generated a revenue of $1.75 billion in 2020. Since its release in 2009, LoL has become one of the biggest Esports in the world with numerous tournaments. It is not a surprise that bookmakers had its attention and the industry has been profitable. Throwing million dollars prize pools and tickets that are sold out like hotcakes.

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Gameplay of League of Legends

League of Legends is a competitive game of multiplayer online battle arena. This is played both in casual pub games and on a professional level. LoL is a blend of gameplay genres and this includes Real Time Strategy and Role Playing that create unique gameplay. The player will control one champion in a third-person isometric perspective over the battlefield. Each League of Legends champions has its own unique playstyle, abilities, and skills. Players can enjoy a wide variety of strategies and tactics and use them against the enemy.

Match starts with two teams of five players on the opposing sides of the map which is called Summoner’s Rift. Players start in the spawning pool that houses structures in the game such as Nexus, the heart of the base. In this game, your main goal to destroy team structures and bring down the Nexus while opposing team protects it. The match ends when a team successfully destroys the Nexus.

At the beginning of the match, all champions start fairly weak. However, by accumulating gold and XP’s champions can grow stronger and build items. The flow of the game can also change depending on teamwork and individual skills. One of the important parts of the game is completing objectives earning them gold and experience points to build items. By completing objectives this will also help them further enhance champion stats and abilities for additional advantages. 

Is It Possible to Bet on League of Legends

As already mentioned, the League of Legends is one of the largest Esports in the world and has been popular in the Sports betting industry. 

With the complexity of its RPG upgrade system and its fast-paced nature, it is important that you know the in’s and out’s of the game. You have to research the summoner’s rift and all the champions available for players to pick. Before proceeding on placing your wager it is important that you have decent knowledge of the game.

To understand how the odds and the markets work, we recommend that you read this beginner’s guide for esports betting league of legends. This will help you properly place a bet on your favorite League of Legends team.

League of Legends Gameplay

Different Bet Types in League of Legends

There are a lot of online sports league of legends betting sites such as Jbet88ph that offer market on major tournaments in League of Legends. Average bettors and even high rollers can easily comprehend the features as many of them are straightforward.

Match Winner

This type of wager is about betting on the result of the match. This is when a team successfully destroys another team’s Nexus and wins. The terminology varies depending on sports betting sites but it is commonly known as a Match Winner, Money Line, or Head to Head Bet. This kind of odd is perceived based on the skill level of a team, usually their win/loss record.

First Baron or Dragon

This type of bet is about predicting who will first slay the Baron or Dragon. These are neutral, computer-controlled epic monsters that the team can slay to gain various buffs and benefits. But this will expose their base providing opportunities for the opposing team to make a move.

First Tower/Inhibitor

You are placing your wager on which team destroys the first tower or inhibitor. On the map, each lane has towers and inhibitors that can be destroyed for gold and experience points.

Outright Winner

This is the most common type of wager where you can place on the overall winner of specific tournaments, not individual matches.


This is a wager where you place your bet on whether a team that has a handicap advantage or disadvantage wins one map in a series or to win.

League of Legends has been prevailing and maintaining its presence in the wide world of the gaming industry with its vast fan base and players. LoL not only dominates the world of Esports, it also dominates the sports betting industry with its millions of enthusiasts around the world.