Live Casino – Video Streaming Technology

Live Casino Cover

Live casino revolutionize and change the way online gaming is perceived. The online gambling industry has grown at a tremendous rate thanks to different technologies shaping the future of the casino market. Having a live dealer is the best feature of this system. This imitates the experience of an authentic casino while your playing on devices. This technology gives the players a chance to play numerous games not only online but also in real-time.

The cutting edge technologies set them apart and also the reason why they gain so much popularity. The developer’s goal is to provide an authentic casino experience in the convenience of playing using devices or desktops.

Set Up of Live Streaming Video

Studio Set up

Mostly live streaming takes place in a studio. Studio set up uses a private casino studio designed for the purpose of live-streaming casino games. With this setup, they can customize tables based on preferences and specifications. Nonetheless, players can still experience a high level of entertainment and excitement, just like playing in a real casino.

Land Based Casino Setup

Land-based casino setup is mostly preferred by players who love real casino environments. This kind of setup gives them the closest and most authentic experience possible while playing virtually. Thanks to technology, playing in a casino at home is possible, instead of going all the way to a real casino.

Live Casino Streaming

Equipment in Live Casino Studio

To bring a top-notch live streaming game experience, companies use high-tech equipment for streaming. This provides a smoother, more realistic, and fun experience.


Live Studios highly relies on cameras that convert dealers’ actions into information they show on the screen and give high-definition graphics. To capture different angles, live casino uses several cameras that allow players to follow every action of the dealer.

Game Control Unit

Another element and the most important component of a live casino games is the GCU. Game Control Unit is attached to every table game. The Game Control Unit enables and encodes the video being broadcasted from the live casino. This is the major element of live casino.

A great example of this is a Roullet live version. When playing, you will also have a wheel included in the game. Wheels have sensors and this tracks the position of the ball which allows the player to view the result of the spin.


Another big part of an authentic gaming experience in live casino is monitors.  Monitors allow the dealer to track the bets that players are placing and messages send by players. With this, a smooth and authentic live casino online experience is achieved.


The advanced technologies provide players to experience an authentic casino while streaming. The innovation of casinos delivers their favorite table games in the comfort of their home in real-time with live dealers. With the advanced technologies, players are able to see how the cards are dealt or even how the wheel spins when they play Roullete. In this kind of method the fairness of the game is achieved.

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