Live Dealer – Role of Live Casino Dealer

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A live dealer is an online casino personnel who interacts with players. They are also the one who oversees the games and explain the rules according to the live casino guidelines. They are the host of casino games whether it’s Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, or Baccarat.

In live Roulette, the live dealer’s sole task is to spin the wheel and call out the winning number. In a Dice game, the host is just declaring the total amount of the roll as the dice shaker is done automatically. When it comes to traditional card games, (Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat) live dealer action is necessary.  Even though cards are shuffled by an automatic shuffler, the live dealer still needs to distribute and deal with the cards. The dealer’s sole role is conducting the live gambling event.

Normally a live dealer casinos works at a single table, however, they may move between tables if necessary.

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Is This Live?

Live casino games are played in real-time through live-streaming video and this will allow you to see yourself. The host will deal with physical cards or place a ball in the wheel and spin it, however, you can place bets virtually.

In other online casino platforms, you are able to interact with live dealers using the chat feature. This kind of feature gives you the energy and social interaction just like playing in a physical casino. In live casino games, you are given time to place the bet and the host announces when the game is about to end. Live dealers can also respond in real time about your decisions. Dealers can wait for your decision and their actions are based on your decisions just like when you play Blackjack.

Can The Host See You?

Videos streaming in live casinos is one way and this means that live dealers cannot see you. This video live feed is directly sent to players. If you wish to interact with the live dealer or other players you need to use the chat function. 

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How To Play Live Casino

Depending on the live casino games rules can vary, you can choose to play Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, or Roulette. Understanding the rules of the game is vital before you engage with the game. Here are some rules for live casino games:

  • Blackjack: You are dealt with cards from live dealer baccarat host through live streaming when you play Blackjack live. Usually, the table is 7 seater and you can play with other six other players alongside you but only you can see the cards. When playing Blackjack the goal is to reach 21 or get closer to 21 without going bust by going over 21. 
  • Roulette: In live online Roulette you are given 30 seconds up to a minute to play a bet. To ensure a smooth game the time limit is fixed. Once you place your bet then the ball will drop.  The camera will now zoom in to the wheel to show where the ball lands in real-time. You win when you correctly guess where the ball will land. 
  • Baccarat: In this game, there is no bet from the host of Baccarat live. The game begins by dealing the cards and it will be played in real-time. The time limit in this game is fixed the same as other casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack. Your goal is to have as a high score as possible up to 9 when playing against the banker.

Generally, when playing live casino online games it is important that you look for credible and licensed online casinos that feature live casinos such as Jbet88ph.