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One of the most popular sports in live betting is Tennis. Some of the reasons why it’s popular are the huge number of matches and the constant twists and turns. Online sports betting betting provides this kind of unique and thrilling experience. Sports betting allows you to bet on almost all sports. You can bet from the start to the end of the game, math, or tournaments. You can even place live bets before the game begins, during the match, or every after points, scoring drive, serve, dunk, or at-bat. The odds are dynamic and they are changing constantly based on the current status of the match.

When it comes to live betting for Tennis, the market should include all the traditional options such as pre-match betting options. And in Tennis, there are unique betting options that are specific to this sport. Sports betting sites should have all these betting options and more. When the event changes, the betting options usually increase like for Grand Slam events. Tennis has a wide range of play bets available which makes them a profitable market. It becomes easy to find a good value for a wager with these options.

Tennis Intro

Live Betting

Live Betting in Tennis matches is unique and thrilling as there are roughly 60 points played per set. In each tennis event such as Grand Slam ATP and WTA, there are literally thousands of opportunities to place your wager including other tournaments that are held throughout the year.

How It Works

Understanding how betting works in tennis is not that complicated. In Tennis matches the most common option for betting is predicting whose player wins on the money line. You may also check the spread and other betting options such as over/under on the game total number played in a match. Bettor may also bet on the match first set money line and over/under of the total games won by a player in a match. Discovering these betting options can increase your sports betting odds 

Betting Types in Tennis


The most easy and quick betting type is the Parlays. You need to pick two or more events, this could be two different players winning the first set of the matches and other betting options in the same way. This can give you a huge chance of winning one time with more payouts.

Same Match Parlay

You will bet on whether you will have options to choose from, or you have to build one for yourself. Choosing a player to win a set, and the over/under on the total number of games won by a player is the most common match parlay. This kind of opportunity will provide you with a chance to maximize the profit on one match.


This is a type of betting option where you can adjust the totals and spreads in your favor. This is an option where you can spread how many more games one player won against their opponent, the over/under of total games played, and more.


This is a way of betting wherein you bet on who you predict will win the tournament or one of the most common major tournaments.

Other Tennis Bets

Aside from the regular matches, future predictions, and games won, you also have the option to bet on the first set. This can be either a set will finish 6 -0, or a player that will get eliminated in a certain stage of the tournament, and more.

Live Betting Tips on Tennis

You are most likely to make mistakes and probably lose money when you are just starting to bet on tennis betting online. Here are the tips that could possibly prevent some of those mistakes. These are also applicable to other sports betting markets available to bet on.

Pre-game Preparation: Evaluate both players and their chances of winning so you can recognize the potential patterns when you bet live. A solid idea is a must as you can predict what might happen when the match starts.
Statistics and Trends: Researching the stats will help you spot some information about players and crucial trends. A good example is when a player is struggling with first-serve, you should think about betting on the opponent’s side.
Physical Condition: You have to closely monitor the players for some signs of possible issues that can emerge. This is because many unforeseen events can happen such as fatigue, injuries, or other physical issues of a player.
Body Language: The mental well-being of a player is vital in playing tennis. The body language of a player will tell a lot about the current state of mind of a player. Check out for signs that a player is losing their composure.
Changes in Weather: It is a great idea that you check on the weather as most tennis tournaments are played outdoors. Weather can change the match greatly so check out for some risk of strong wind or rain.

When you familiarize yourself with how betting in tennis works, then you can start developing your own strategies to take advantage of the opportunities.

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