The History of Lottery


A lottery is the best and easiest way to win lots of cash with little commitment. Buying a ticket for this famous gambling game has attracted many gamblers to win big. Certain governments restrict this risky technique to make money, but others have legalized it through a national lottery.

Historical Facts about Lottery


The old keno slip was a precursor of lottery that took place during the Han dynasty which is between 205 – 187 BC. Yes, looking at it from the retrospective perspective, the lottery gained popularity after this.

Some historians believe in dating the lottery back to the 1400s and it was France that started the craze. At that time, towns had attempted to supply funds for defense by Towns. In 1520, King Francis I of France legalized lotteries. On 1567, her majesty Queen Elizabeth I was responsible for the establishment of the first English state lottery due to the successful event. In this case, the prize consisted of cash and goods.

They sold Approximately 400,000 tickets. The first game started dating in 1744 at Massachusetts. To pay off military bills. A national lottery was a first launched by the Continental Congress in 1776. It, was designed as a way of raising money for the American revolution.

Money as a prize was one of the rewards for taking part in the 1930 Florence municipal lottery ticket La Lotto di Firenze. It proved successful and profitable, and other Italian cities took their lead by this time. This also helps with clientele as lotteries are quite exciting.

Formats and prizes also can be cash or other items. The lottery numbers is based on luck and therefore both buyers and sellers are at risk. Prize money was just a portion from sales.

A draw of fifty-fifty was the commonest lotteries format. The organizers promised that at least 50 percent of the revenues would be awarded as a prize. Each of those tickets had specific numbers assigned and so was ensured that the prize would be different. Lotteries’ organizers declared several winning ones as to promote engagement and contesting.

Their popularity led them to legalize the lottery in many countries. With internet, it’s now possible for people across the globe to engage in lotto online. Many websites like Bwinph offer online lotteries. You can pay via the internet in Jili1 and select either a card or a number. This depends on the number of balls picked ranging from winning $100,000 upwards to $10 million.